6 Hot Tips for Visiting Birmingham UK



If you’re planning a trip to the second-biggest British city, Birmingham, then you’ve definitely made a wise decision. There’s something for everyone in the city, ranging from Guinness beer to art museums. However, it’s easy to (literally) get lost in the huge city, so it’s critical to take certain steps to make your moving around the city as smooth as possible. Here are some helpful tips for your stay in the city:

2013 Bike Ride ImageTip#1: Hop on a bike
The most obvious modes of transportation in Birmingham are by train, bus, and metro. However, for health and environmental reasons, you should also consider taking a bike around the city. Be warned that Birmingham isn’t a “bike-friendly” city per se. However, you can certainly zip around the city without too much trouble.

Where should you go? A bike in Birmingham will allow you to enjoy country parks, the canal network, and even attractions right outside the city proper. In the city centre, you’ll find tons of places to lock up your bike, and some bike lanes as well. Just be cautious because pedestrians and other obstructions could appear on your path.

Tip #2: Consider a water bus
This is a fairly slow way to travel along the canals of Birmingham, but definitely a unique mode of transportation you should consider while in the city. The main function of the water bus is to tour the city, so don’t expect to zip around town.

Birm-CCH-2Tip #3: Bring a good pair of walking shoes
Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. The Birmingham city centre is partially “pedestrianised” so the city is certainly designed to get around on foot without much trouble. From Bull Ring to Symphony Hall, and from Central Library to the Museum and Art Gallery, you shouldn’t have too much trouble walking between the different destinations in the city centre.

Tip #4: Include museums and art galleries on your itinerary
You can find several museums and art galleries peppered throughout the city centre. The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is a large museum that includes big permanent collections and many temporary exhibits. Meanwhile, Aston Hall includes period artwork such as from the English Civil War. It was also visited by Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame.

birmingham-architecture-modern-victorian-16958587Tip #5: Enjoy city architecture and country parks
You can certainly enjoy some unique architecture in the city centre, and country parks in the countryside. These sites are aesthetically some of the best options in and near the city. Some of the natural wonders include:

• Birmingham Botanical Gardens
• Birmingham Nature Centre
• Cannon Hill Park
• National Sea Life Centre
• Woodgate Valley Country Park

Tip #6: Don’t miss the pubs and clubs
If you’re a night owl, then Birmingham is the right place for you. The city arguably has some of the best pubs and clubs in the country. The clubs include cheap drinks during Student Nights, and also various special events. Also, no visit to Birmingham would be complete without visiting some pubs and guzzling some Guinness beer.



Mini Travel Guide for Birmingham UK



Are you planning a trip to Birmingham UK? The major city is located in the West Midlands. It’s the biggest and most populated city outside London, with a population of about 1.1 million residents (2013). During the Medieval Ages Birmingham was a mid-size market town. It later became an international city during the 1700s during the Midlands Enlightenment and the later Industrial Revolution. Today the city is a must-visit location in England. Here’s some features of the city that you should know about when out and about in Birmingham:

Transportation in Birmingham is generally excellent. Birmingham Airport is located in East Birmingham, and is the UK’s seventh busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic (2013). The airport opened in 1939 as Elmdon Airport.

The Midland Metro is the tramline that connects Birmingham Snow Hill to Wolverhampton. Officials are determining if they will expand Midland Metro.

When taking a taxi in Birmingham, it’s important to only select a black cab that has the right identification, including door signs, logos, plates, etc. Meanwhile, if you take a private car, it’s important that you pre-book it. Keep in mind that you won’t be insured by choosing this transport option. Regardless of whether you choose to take a taxi or private car, never take an unmarked car as it could result in safety issues.

Due to its being a metropolitan city, you can find just about every type of lodging imaginable in Burlington. From hostels to hotels, there are tons of options in terms of lodging in Birmingham. Some of the lodging options include:

• Grand Hotel
• Hilton Birmingham
• Hyatt Regency
• Moor Hall Hotel
• New Hall Manor

Because lodging can be quite pricey, it’s important to set a budget before you choose any particular lodging. This will help to prevent spending more on lodging than you can honestly afford.

Another key benefit of Birmingham being a cosmopolitan city is that you can find a wide array of different quality cuisine, ranging from fast food to fine dining. In fact, Birmingham is the only UK city located outside London that has four Michelin starred restaurants. There’s definitely something for every palette in the city.

Bars and Pubs
No trip to Birmingham, UK would be complete without sampling the different bars and pubs in the city. In particular, while staying in the city, you should definitely include Guinness beer on your to-do list. Although it’s technically it’s originally an Irish brew, it’s become one of the most popular global beer brands.

394Birmingham is home of various national and religious festivals throughout the year. One f the biggest ones is the St. George’s Day party, which celebrates the ancient Roman soldier who within time became a Christian martyr. Other popular Birmingham festivals are the Caribbean-themed Birmingham International Carnival, and the Birmingham International Jazz Festival. It’s important to do research before your trip to the city, to learn about the upcoming festivals.

Birmingham is definitely one of the biggest and best destinations in the UK. What will you do first?

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